CADSA Constitution


1. Name
The name of the organisation is the Charlton Athletic Disabled Supporters Association (from now on referred to as CADSA).
2. Objectives
2.1  To enable its members to share a common interest in Charlton Athletic Football Club (from now on referred to as CAFC) and any matters concerning CAFC disabled supporters.
2.2  To promote the welfare of CAFC supporters, and in particular CAFC disabled supporters, by the following means: promoting and encouraging the sharing of information and good practice in relation to disabled people attending football matches and by representing the views of members to appropriate individuals and bodies to influence, in a positive way, future developments, awareness, and access for disabled people.
2.3  To generate funds which enable CADSA members to participate in activities that are to the benefit of CADSA and CAFC.
3. Membership
3.1  Membership is open to any disabled person or any individual who feels that they may be able to contribute to the objectives of CADSA.
3.2  Honorary membership may be proposed and seconded by members of CADSA and election of such memberships requires a simple majority of the members at the Annual General Meeting (from now on referred to as the AGM)
3.3  Applications for membership will be considered by the Committee and will be dealt with at the earliest possible Committe meeting. The Committee has the right to refuse applications if the applicant does not agree to abide by the principles and rules of CADSA or is deemed not to be suitable as far as the interests of CADSA are concerned.
3.4  Members may be subject to disciplinary action or have their membership terminated if it is deemed that he or she has brought CADSA into disrepute or that their continued membership is not in the interests of CADSA. Disciplinary action and any termination of membership will be dealt with by the Committee. In the case of a disciplinary matter the Committee shall inform the member in writing and allow four weeks for him or her to make any representation. If, on consideration of any explanation, or in its absence within the four weeks, the Committee shall decide that membership shall cease and the said member will be informed in writing of the decision. A member will have the right to be heard, to appeal the decision, or to call an EGM (in accordance with 5.9) to challenge any such decision and an independent arbitrator may be called upon to give advice in certain cases.
3.5  There is no annual membership fee for CADSA membership and all CAFC supporters are welcome to become a member, whether disabled or not and whatever age group. The annual membership fee can be changed by the Committee at any time (under the terms of item 10.1) and members will be informed of any such decision as soon as possible, together with an announcement being made on the CADSA website at . Members can withdraw their membership at any time by contacting any CADSA Committee member or Emailing
3.6  All CADSA members shall have access to a copy of the Constitution and shall be informed of any changes thereto (see Para 10).
Acceptance of membership shall be taken as evidence that the applicant agrees to the Constitution of CADSA.
3.7  Members’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses are held by the Secretary for administration purposes only and will not be made available to non-members.
4. Committee
4.1  The Committee shall comprise of between six and nine members who will be elected at the AGM and where possible include the following office bearers and posts:
oChairperson   oVice-Chairperson   oSecretary   oTreasurer
The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary shall constitute the Principal Officers of CADSA.
4.2  Each Committee member shall have full voting rights.
4.3  The term of office for each post will be one year, however any member of the Committee may seek re-election at the AGM. Nominations of members wishing to stand for the Committee and notification of those wishing to stand down, must be lodged with the Secretary at least seven days before the date of the AGM.
4.4  Candidates for the Committee shall be proposed and seconded by either ordinary or Committee members and elected by a majority vote with only those members present at the AGM being eligible to vote. In the event of a split vote, the Chair will hold an additional casting vote.
4.5  The Committee shall have the authority to co-opt replacements onto the Committee if needs arise before the next AGM. This will be by a majority vote of the Committee and such co-opted members will have the same voting rights as those elected at the AGM.
4.6  In the event that less than 4 members are available to serve on the Committee members may hold more than one post with the exception of the Chairperson.
However they will continue to have one vote only.
5. Meetings & Events
5.1  CADSA will hold regular Committee meetings at times and venues to be agreed by those elected and published in advance by the Secretary.
5.2  The CADSA AGM will be held each year at a date and time to be set by the Committee. The Secretary will set the agenda in conjunction with the Chairperson which will be distributed to members at least 7 days in advance along with a copy of the audited accounts for the preceeding financial year plus minutes of the last AGM.
5.3  At the AGM, the Chairperson will ask the members to approve the previous year’s minutes. The Chairperson will also present an annual report to the members summarising the activities for the previous year and proposing the future direction and development of CADSA.
5.4  The Treasurer will present the accounts for the preceeding financial year at the AGM with a statement as to whether the accounts were found to be in good order or otherwise. All property owned by CADSA is to be included in the Balance Sheet submitted at the AGM.
5.5  The Chairperson will ask the members to approve the accounts.
5.6  The quorum for Committee meetings of CADSA will be at least 3 or 50% of elected MC members. This figure is to include at least one Principle Officer.
For AGMs and EGMs at least 4 full members must be present.
5.7  A decision on any matter arising will be based on members proposals to the meeting which must be seconded, with any subsequent vote decided by a simple majority with the exception of items covered be sections 10.1, 11.1 and 11.2.
5.8  At all meetings every member is entitled to one vote with the Chairperson or Acting Chairperson having a casting vote only in the event of the number of votes being tied.
5.9  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time upon a written signed request by at least 4 CADSA members and sent to the Secretary, stating the nature of the business to be discussed.
6. Minutes
6.1  The Secretary shall ensure that minutes are kept of every meeting which will be available to all members on the CADSA website at as soon as possible after the meeting. The Committee will ensure that accessible formats are available upon request to ordinary members and within the limitations of CADSA resources.
6.2  Members may have sight of the accounts or any business transaction carried out by CADSA upon written request to the Secretary.
7. Sub-Committees
7.1  The Committee may appoint one or more Sub-Committees from members of CADSA to deal with specific issues concerning CADSA from time to time.
These said Sub-Committees will be directly accountable to the Committee and any such decision of such sub-committee shall be subject to ratification by the Committee.
8. Finance
8.1  The Treasurer shall ensure that detailed financial records are kept and that all the CADSA receipts and payments are correctly entered therein.
The Chair or Acting Chair and Treasurer will jointly review these records on a regular basis, checking all invoices, receipts, and bank & savings account statements.
8.2  The Treasurer shall ensure that one or more Bank accounts be opened in the name of CADSA and 2 signatures including the Treasurer and at least one of the Committee members shall be required in order to draw funds from the CADSA bank or savings accounts.
8.3  An updated CADSA statement of accounts should be presented at each committee meeting and the accounts will be available for review by any member upon written request.
8.4  Approval of any expenditure shall be required by at least 2 officers of the Committee. Committee members appointed to conduct financial activities on behalf of CADSA are to maintain proper records and to present them to the Treasurer at each Committee meeting with any monies collected.
8.5  The financial year shall run from 1st July until 30th June of the following year.
9. Record Keeping
9.1  The Secretary and Treasurer will retain all correspondence and, in the case of non-financial matters, those records will be kept for a minimum of 3 years with financial documents kept for a minimum of 5 years.
10. Alteration to the Constitution
10.1  The Constitution can only be altered by a majority vote of the members at an AGM or EGM. Any alteration will require the approval of a two thirds majority of members present before being implemented.
10.2  An individual member’s proposal to alter the constitution must be seconded and delivered in writing to the Secretary of CADSA not less than twenty eight days before the date of the AGM. Alternatively an Extraordinary General Meeting may be requested (as described in 5.9) to consider an alteration to the Constitution.
10.3  The Committee may propose to alter the constitution, providing it has already been approved in principle at a CADSA Committee meeting, not less than twenty eight days before the date of an AGM or EGM.
10.4  The wording of any proposed alteration shall be fully distributed to all members at least 7 days in advance of a meeting at which it is to be considered.
11. Dissolution
11.1  If the Committee decides at any time that, on the grounds of expense or otherwise, it is necessary or advisable to dissolve CADSA it shall call an EGM of all CADSA members giving not less than twenty eight days notice.
Such a decision must be confirmed by a two thirds majority of those voting members present provided that there is a quorum of at least 9 members.
11.2  Any property or funds belonging to CADSA will be distributed based on the most appropriate method as decided at the dissolution meeting.