Committee Meetings



1ST MARCH 2019

The Bugle Horn, Charlton Village.

Present: Alan Buhl, Peter James, and Tony Farrell.

Guests: Paul Nottage (Valley Gold) and Liam Bird (LPF).

Apologies: Heather Robertson, Ken Burnett, David Meynell, and Tony Garrett.


Audited accounts for the previous two years were agreed and signed.

Weeks Of Action.
Arranged to carry out a pennant swap with the Portsmouth DSA in the Centre Circle Lounge on Saturday 9th March. Photos to be made available to Level Playing Field and, hopefully, an article in a future programme.

Fans' Forum.
Details of the last Fans Forum meeting were discussed. Minutes are available on the official website.

Safety Advisory Group.
Information from the last meeting regarding the parking spaces at the back of the East Stand and the facilities available for disabled supporters attending next season's home cup matches were discussed. A further meeting with Tony Keohane is to be arranged.

The additional 6 headphones that we supplied earlier in February have been appreciated by the fans. Usually 6 is enough for a normal matchday so the older headphones can be kept as spares.

Pride Of The Valley nominations.
As both Tony Farrell and Tony Garrett had been nominated for the award a vote was organised to decide who will accept the award on March 9th and who will accept their award at a later date. Tony Farrell will accept his award on March 9th.

No other matters were raised.

Next Meeting.
It was decided that there need not be another meeting until just before the start of next season, unless something urgent occurs, as most day to day communication can be carried out by Email.

Valley Gold.
Paul Nottage attended the meeting to highlight the various events and competitions that Valley Gold organise. Their involvement with the Academies has supplied the first team with numerous players over the years and all their finances are concentrated on these areas alone, being independent from the club.
Paul agreed to become a member of CADSA.

Level Playing Field.
Liam Bird attended to get an idea of how CADSA is being run and to make suggestions on how communication with the disabled supporters of the club can be improved. It was agreed that CADSA give permission for LPF to put our contact details on their website.
Paul Nottage also suggested that he could attend some of the Level Playing Field's meetings, as a representative of CADSA and Valley Gold, to get a better understanding of what benefits can be gained from LPF's various initiatives.
CADSA will also try to improve their social media presence with the intention of communicating better with the club's disabled fans.




Charlton Athletic Disabled Supporters Association

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 2nd August

The Bugle Horn, Charlton Village


Present : Tony Farrell, Heather Robertson, Alan Buhl, Peter James.

Apologies: Tony Garrett, Ken Burnett, Dave Meynell.

Not Present: Sue Gallop.

Guest: Neal Hickey. Level Playing Field Development Officer.


Previous Meeting: Minutes from last meeting were found to be true and accurate. All actionable items were completed where possible.


Chair's Statement: Heather would like to thank all Committee members for their hard work over the past year during a difficult period for CADSA as well as personally for some of the Committee members.


Treasurer's Statement: An audited copy of the accounts for the period ending 30th June 2018 will be presented to the Committee members in due course and will be available for individual members after this time . Alan Buhl is to contact Sue Copus regarding these accounts and those for the period ending 30th June 2017.

Although CADSA had no income over the previous financial year our outgoings were minimal, the main outlay being the annual payment for the website domain, therefore the overall balance remains in a healthy condition.


Committee Re-Election: All Committee members stood down and were re-elected. Tony Garrett, Ken Burnett, and Dave Meynell agreed to be re-elected in their absence. Due to the continued lack of communication from Sue Gallop it was necessary to remove her name from our database and, therefore, from the Committee.

With the introduction of new GDPR measures earlier this year all members were contacted and asked for their individual permission for CADSA to continue to use their contact details. This has resulted in a reduction of membership from 45 to 33.


Quiz Night: It was agreed that the Quiz Night should go ahead this year, after being unable to stage it in 2017, and three dates in October/November 2018 were put forward for Alan Buhl to suggest to Christina, our quizmaster. It was agreed this needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Tony Farrell will deal with the purchase of the majority of the prizes as well as the advertising of the event. It was agreed that WJ King should be contacted regarding potential sponsorship of the Quiz Night.


Ticket Refunds: The refunding of payment for away match ticket purchases for CADSA members will continue this season under the usual procedures.


Any Other Business: Tony Farrell confirmed that the CADSA website had been up-dated in time for the start of the season. It was also noted that Kishan Parmar had taken over the role of Disability Liaison Officer for the club. With the new ticketing system in place it is now possible for disabled supporters to purchase their tickets online. Details of this procedure are available on both the CADSA and Official websites. Emails have been sent out to all disabled season ticket holders requesting details of which lifts, if any, they will need to use this coming season and the resulting information will be used to help with the issuing of lift passes prior to the first home match.


Statement from Neal Hickey: Neal gave us a brief description of his role within Level Playing Field and offered LPF's help with any matters in the future.

The forthcoming “weeks of action” event was also discussed.


Next Meeting: January/February 2019. Precise date to be confirmed.