Committee Meetings


via ZOOM.
25th FEBRUARY 2021. 5pm.


Present: Heather Robertson, Alan Buhl, Tony Farrell, Dave Meynell, Tony Garrett.

Apologies: Ken Burnett, Tom Acornley, Peter James.


Previous minutes: Question raised as to when we will resume our Quiz Night event and how negotiations with the catering company, Creative, will progress. It was stated that we hope, by the time a Quiz Night can be organised, the catering duties will have been brought “in-house” making negotiations a lot easier.


Website: Contact with Dan Bream regarding fixing a problem with our website has been non-existent after numerous Emails and phone calls had been made. Will just have to continue to try and contact Breamteam to try and resolve this.


Supporters groups affiliation: The club had invited all supporters groups to join an affiliated group within CAFC. CADSA had no objection in principal but decided that, if members personal details are required, we would either join up without supplying these details or not join at all.

Exact membership details will be sought from the club before we consider joining.


Memorial Group: TF will attend a Zoom meeting with the club on Monday 1st March to discuss different methods of recognising those with Charlton Athletic connections who have passed away which can also be continued over future years.


Next meeting: To be arranged for the end of the current season in May 2021.

     29th October 2020
via Zoom



Attending: Heather Robertson, Tony Farrell, Alan Buhl, Tony Garrett,

Ken Burnett and Tom Acornley.

Apologies: Dave Meynell and Peter James.


New member of the Committee, Tom Acornley, was introduced to the rest of the Committee members.

AGM Minutes

No issues raised from previous minutes.


With fans unable to attend matches at the Valley at the moment very little contact has been made to CADSA by disabled supporters, therefore this meeting was not as lengthy as would normally be the case.

Some problems with the live feed of Charlton's matches had initially been reported but the supplier of the feed has seemed to have fixed these problems for the most recent matches.

It was reported that Rod Gough had been in contact with some of the Committee and had been in good spirits. It was suggested that other members could give him a call.

Extra Meeting

It was suggested that Tom get in contact with Thomas Sandgaard to invite him to attend a meeting, via the Zoom app, with the rest of the Committee and also ask Thomas when this would be convenient for him.

Tom will get back to CADSA when this has been organised.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will probably be at the end of January/ beginning of February 2021 when the transfer window has closed,

Tony will suggest a time and date in due course.


CADSA Annual General Meeting
Thursday 23rd July 2020
via Zoom

Present: Tony Farrell, Alan Buhl, Tony Garrett, Ken Burnett, Dave Meynell, Stephen Kelly, Matthew & Peter Cornish.
Apologies: Heather Robertson, Peter James, Tom Acornley.

Chair's Statement:
A previously prepared statement from Heather was read out by Tony Farrell in her absence. Heather thanked all members of the Committee for their work over the last couple of years, especially regarding the barriers that had been put in our way which prevented us from carrying out some of our usual work.
Also, all other members were thanked for their participation.

Previous AGM:
The minutes from the previous AGM were approved. Any matters arising from those minutes were included in this meeting.

Treasurer's Report:
The latest accounts statement show an increase in funds due to the Quiz Night but there has also been an increased expenditure due to more claims for away match tickets, the purchase of a half-season ticket for a retired disability steward, and the purchase of 6 further headsets for the use of the partially sighted and blind supporters. The accounts in general are in a healthy state with no predicted expenditure due to the lockdown in place at the time of the meeting.
The Accounts for the year ending 30th June 2019 have been reviewed by the Auditors who have not found anything which gives them reasonable
cause to believe the requirement to keep accounting records and to prepare accounts with accord to those records have not been met. 
On this basis the Accounts were approved by the members at the meeting.

Committee Re-election:
All Committee members stood down and agreed to be re-elected, holding the same posts within the Committee as previously. A new member of the Committee, Tom Acornley, was nominated by Tony Farrell and seconded by Ken Burnett bringing the total number of Committee members to 8.

CADSA currently have 46 members, including the Committee.

Funding and Club Facilities:
Last season's funding was limited due to our main source of income, the Quiz Night, being cancelled due to a 250% increase in the charges for the use of Bartrams by the newly appointed catering company. Negotiations were attempted with the company's representative but no one from the company got back to us in time for the Quiz Night to take place. As for future events taking place we will have to wait and see when the club's facilities are opened up again before we can plan any fund raisers. The Committee thanked Dave Meynell for getting the Quiz Night mentioned on Charlton Life, which led to many supporters saying they would like to attend. Hopefully we can attract their attention to any future events again.

Any Other Business:
Stephen Kelly asked about the procedure for getting a refund on purchased tickets for games postponed at the end of last season. It was mentioned that those with an account at Charlton's online booking service should have had a credit added to their account to cover the cost of these purchases. If not, then the ticket office should be contacted directly. He also asked why the cost of the 2020/21 season ticket had gone up by so much, particularly as the club did not know which division it would be in when the prices were announced. Many other members had been asking the same question but when the ticket office were contacted there was no explanation given. Looks like season ticket buyers will just have to put up with it!
Away travel for next season was also a subject that was questioned as we are now in League One. The same procedure as last season is in place for booking away disability coach spaces, described on the Away Travel page of the CADSA website, but with the financial state of the club at the moment it may be wiser to travel by car whenever possible.
The Committee agreed to continue to use Zoom for all future meetings and the Constitution was adjusted to reflect this change.
Also, it was agreed that the Committee will try and arrange one meeting where all members can participate at a later date.
The possibility of CADSA paying for Rod Gough's season ticket, as he has been a long standing member of the Committee and supporter of CADSA, was discussed and this will be organised soon.
The CADSA website is up to date at the time of the meeting.
CADSA will re-introduce refunds for away match tickets when they eventually allow supporters to attend. Members will be informed and the details will be put on the CADSA website.

Next Meeting:
This will take place via Zoom at 5pm on a weekday towards the end of October. The exact date will be agreed upon by all Committee members nearer the time.