Committee Meetings



Thursday 3rd March 2022 via Zoom.


Present: Tony Farrell (TF), Alan Buhl (AB), Tony Garrett (TG) and Stephen Kelly (SK).

Apologies: Heather Robertson, Peter James, David Meynell, Ken Burnett and Tom Acornley.

Chair's Statement: (sent by Email)

I should like to pass on my very best wishes for the health of all CADSA members. Also, my heartfelt thanks to Tony Farrell who has done sterling work in keeping the CADSA website updated, amongst other things, and also to Alan Buhl who has kept our accounts up to date. We haven't been in a position to run our annual fundraising Quiz Night but I pray for healthy and peaceful times very soon when we will be able to enjoy being together again, having a drink and a laugh with our friends, cerebral or otherwise! God Bless.”

Previous AGM minutes:

Details of our previous AGM were agreed upon apart from the outstanding issues with the CADSA website. It was agreed to investigate these issues further at a later date.

Treasurer's Report:

The accounts for 2020 and 2021 were presented by AB and agreed by the Committee. Copies of these accounts are available to all CADSA members upon request.

Committee Re-election:

All Committee members stood down and were re-elected to their positions within the Committee unopposed.

Membership and Website:

CADSA membership stood at 48 at time of AGM.

Continuing problems with the CADSA website are to be, hopefully, resolved in time for the start of the 2022/23 season.


CADSA have been unable to present the annual quiz night, our only supply of funding, due to the Covid restrictions and financial pressures from the previous catering company over the last few years. TF will check with the manager of the present catering company to see if Bartrams can be made available for a CADSA quiz night later in the year.

Any Other Business:

CADSA would like to show their respects to the family and friends of CADSA member Nick Hamman, who passed away recently. Nick was also the Fans' representative at various group meetings for a number of years before his illness prevented his participation.

CADSA would also like to thank the present catering company, Gather & Gather, for supplying free rolls and pies to the wheelchair balconies at recent home matches.

The replacement of experienced disability stewards on the wheelchair balconies, as well as the inexperience of some stewards elsewhere in the ground, will be raised by TF at the coming Fans' Forum and Safety Advisory Group meetings.

SK asked about the availability of disability parking spaces at away matches. TG explained that each away club needs to be contacted prior to the game to establish their parking procedures.

Next Meeting and 2022 AGM:

The next ordinary meeting will be held via Zoom in either May or June 2022 with the 2022 AGM held in December. Confirmation of dates will be issued in due course.


CADSA Committee Meeting
via Zoom
26th August 2021.



Attending: Heather Robertson, Alan Buhl, Tony Farrell, Tony Garrett.
Guest: Graham Tucker (Disability, Inclusion, & Loneliness Project).
Apologies: Peter James, Tom Acornley, Dave Meynell, Ken Burnett.

Previous minutes:
Some members are still a little nervous attending larger indoor gatherings so a decision on whether we should go ahead with the Quiz Night this year will be made soon.
Still no progress with getting the website problems solved so further details are to be sent to Alan Buhl in the hope that his contact with Dan Bream will help matters.
Details of CADSA affiliations and Lucy Bishop meeting were passed to Committee in earlier Emails.

No expenditure undertaken since last meeting so finances remain at previous total. Alan will contact Sue Copus regarding the accounts before our AGM.

Graham Tucker (DILP):
Graham spoke to us regarding the new initiative, Disability, Inclusion, and Loneliness Project, which he has developed with the help of Jade Hannan. The “Buddy” scheme was emphasised and it was suggested that contact with Metro GAD may help in gaining contacts nationwide to help with this.
Contact details:

Recent problems with contacting the DLO seem to have been resolved.
Contact should be made via where a number of members of staff will be available to answer any queries.
The markings and numbers need to be repainted on the disability parking bays in the West Stand car park.
Suggestions were made that we could hold our AGM pre-match in the Fans Bar with a player present as a special guest. The logistics, time factor, and lack of agreement with the club to allow us to do this would make it difficult.
Meeting up with other disabled fans pre-match in the Fans Bar may be possible. The new catering company will be asked if we can reserve two tables once the match has been decided upon.

Next Meeting:
It was decided that the next meeting should be our AGM and should go ahead, via Zoom, sometime in November once Alan has confirmed that all the accounts have been returned by Sue. All members will be contacted in advance of the confirmed date.



Charlton Athletic Disabled

Supporters Association.

Zoom Meeting.

Thursday 20th May 2021. 5pm.


Present: Tony Farrell. Heather Robertson. Alan Buhl. Ken Burnett. Tom Acornley. Dave Meynell.

Apologies: Peter James. Tony Garrett.


Previous minutes read and discussed:

1. Quiz Night. Still no decision possible until the club allows meetings to go ahead at The Valley.

2. Website: Still no response from Dan Bream regarding updating Committee Member page despite regular Emails and phone calls. Will check prices for adding maintenance to existing Email contract. All other pages updated successfully for start of next season.

3. CAFC Affiliation. CADSA has been accepted as an affiliate supporters association of the club whilst still retaining its independence.

4. FSA. CADSA have been accepted as affiliate members of the Football Supporters Association dependent on two or three details being confirmed. Membership to be confirmed in due course.


Any Other Business:

5. Confirmation of voting procedure for members regarding membership of Committee – only those attending the AGM have the right to vote on the re-election of Committee members once they have stood down.

6. A live “Tribute to Queen” concert is to take place at The Valley in September 2021. The exact date will be confirmed once the fixture list for 2021/22 has been released. *Further information: Concert will take place on a Saturday from 5pm to 10pm. Attendance will be limited to 1,700 with 1% reserved for wheelchair users (17). Adult ticket prices will be £25 with a decision to be made on reduced prices for carers and juniors. Stage will be situated in East Stand with lounges and lifts open to the public.

7. Zoom meeting with Lucy Bishop, the club's new Fan Liaison Officer, on Thursday 10th June at 5pm. Members to be asked for any questions two weeks prior to the meeting.


Next Meeting: August 2021. Exact time and date to be confirmed.