Recent CADSA members' newsletters.

CADSA Spring/Summer 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the latest CADSA Newsletter.

Firstly, I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

Very little has occurred since I last contacted you, for obvious reasons, although voting on the 2020 Player Of The Season resulted in a convincing win for Dillon Phillips.

With the remainder of the season provisionally set for a restart during the weekend of 20th June no decisions have been made on what this will involve as far as being “behind closed doors” or how social distancing will take shape once fans are allowed to attend matches, particularly with the additional difficulties of disabled supporters, but at least it seems that we are slowly getting back to some sort of normality even if not all things will be the same.

It seems the ongoing saga of our so called takeover is rolling on with the latest reports of events, which can be read here:

Also, the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust have begun the Our Club Our Future initiative, details can be found here:

The regular questions to director Marian Mihail are continuing with a request for CADSA members to offer questions to be put to the director soon. If you have anything you wish to be included please contact CADSA on by Monday 1st June with your question. Sorry for the short notice.

Hopefully things will become a little clearer in the coming weeks but in the meantime please continue to stay safe and I will contact you with the details of any decisions that effect disabled supporters when they are available.



Hello all, here is another of our newsletters to add to your collection! 
It has been a while since the last one so I hope your New Year has been OK so far, and that includes attending Charlton matches. 
We are holding a Committee Meeting at the Bugle Horn, Charlton Village on Thursday 28th February at 8pm so if you have any matters regarding disability at the club please get back to me at  and we will discuss your comments at the meeting. 
Similarly, the club are holding a Fans' Forum meeting this Wednesday 20th February so, again, if you have any matters you wish to be raised please get back in contact by Wednesday afternoon. 
Level Playing Field, the organisation that promotes disability attendance at various sporting events in Britain and abroad, hold an annual event called Weeks Of Action where individual clubs can highlight their disabled fans. We are going to have a “pennant swap” with the Portsmouth Disabled Supporters Association at our match on 9th March and the photos will be available on our website at ​ 
Following on from some concerns over the condition of a few of the headphones supplied to the partially sighted and blind fans at the club we have purchased six new ones which were available from the Southend match onwards and can be collected from the West Stand reception pre match. 
Finally, the EFL are asking fans to take part in a fans survey which can be found at
OK,so let's hope for the right results for the remaining matches and I'll see you at Wembley?  Fingers crossed. 
All the best.

Tony Farrell  


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