22 game Season Ticket


No match tickets are currently on sale.

Special measures are in place for the 2020/21 Season which are detailed here
No cardboard tickets will be issued by the ticket office.
All tickets are "print at home" or can be credited to a Matchday Pass, details of which are yet to be finalised.

Information on the current ticketing system can be found.
A fee of £1.50p will be charged for each online transaction.
A fee of £2.50p will be charged for every telephone transaction.
A purchase of any amount of available tickets for any amount of available matches, including any multi-match packages,  will be regarded as one transaction if the total amount is paid at checkout in one payment.
There is no charge for postage and the "print at home" option is still available.
Also, purchased tickets can be collected from either the drop-in centre at The Valley or the North Stand ticket office on a matchday.
For "in person" ticket purchases at The Valley on a matchday there will be a £3 fee payable on each ticket if purchased within the two hour period prior to kick-off (from 1pm for a 3pm ko, from 5.45pm for a 7.45pm ko, etc).
All phone and online facilities will close two hours prior to kick-off.
The online booking page is available here.

Home Cup Matches. 
(postponed for 2020/21).
If any undercover wheelchair spaces are required for the home cup matches the North West Stand wheelchair balcony will be made available, as well as the uncovered spaces at the front of the West Stand.
If you are booking tickets for the North West Stand wheelchair balcony you may need to contact the ticket office directly, although tickets should be available online.

r Parking.
Email disability.parking@cafc.co.uk with your full name, seat area and the details of which matches you require parking for. 
Any requests that are not sent to the above email may not be actioned.
Alternatively, please call 0208 333 4000 and ask for Kishan Parmar.
         Bookings will be available for home matches which have tickets already on sale only.
         If you booked a space and are unable to attend, please inform the club at least 24 hours prior to match kick off.
Failure to notify the club of this will mean that you cannot book a space for the next home game. 
If this has been pre-booked your name will be removed from the list.
 For any other enquiries please email dlo@cafc.co.uk

Lift Passes. 
(postponed for 2020/21).
Lift Passes are issued with each disability season ticket where required.
Where lift passes are required with individually purchased match tickets the disabled supporter, or his/her carer,
would need to contact Kishan on kishan.parmar@cafc.co.uk
The lift pass can be collected from the West Stand reception on the day of the match.

West Stand Wheelchair Bays. 
(postponed for 2020/21).
Supporters using any of the West Stand wheelchair bays which require crossing in front of either dugout to access 
should arrive at least 15 minutes before kick-off.
You may be directed to use an alternative bay until half-time if you arrive too late to access your own.

Contact ravi.patel@cafc.co.uk re lounges available for 2020/21 Season. 

Vista Lounge
Contact Ravi Patel on 0208 333 4017 or Email  ravi.patel@cafc.co.uk
Contact Ravi Patel on 0208 333 4017 or Email  ravi.patel@cafc.co.uk
Crossbars (Fans' Bar) and Bartrams
Access is free to home matchday/season ticket holders.

General Ticketing Information 

 Charlton Athletic's ticket pricing policy is consistent across all disability groups, with the disabled supporter being the one who pays, while essential helpers gain free admission. Tickets are available for the whole season as well as on a match by match basis and various discounted "multiple match" tickets are available throughout the season.
Charlton has 96 wheelchair spaces available for home fans and 9 for away fans.
There are no limits on the number of seats available for either home or away ambulant disabled supporters 
and these seats will be no further than three rows from an access point or gangway. 

The ticket office's instructions on selling disability tickets are shown below. In addition to these details, any disabled supporter who has chosen not to claim any of the benefits shown should contact the Commercial Centre, or contact our DLO for details of the procedure required to buy disability tickets. 

Disabled Supporters' Tickets

    Wheelchair bays and ambulant seating available at away grounds 
Information on the number of seats available for ambulant disabled supporters can be found at: Level Playing Field.
Click on "clubs/venues" > "football" > "league 1", then click on the club you require.
Further information can also be found here